Know the process behind

Learn what makes your roof durable and safe.


Tear off existing roof

Protect the perimeter with tarps, complete tear off to the decking, inspection and replacement of rotten decking.



Seal the roof with Ice & Water shield to prevent damage from ice damming, wind-driven rains and normal water flow, plus synthetic underlayment for your roof’s last defense line.


Drip Edge

Prevent water getting behind gutters and rots out both fascia board and roof decking. Ensure straight and effective seal along vulnerable eaves and rake-areas.



Provide the best protection to your home while showing visually appealing shingles, the first line of defense.


Hip & Ridge Shingles + Accessories

Because extra safety should never be dismissed, we gather the best components and top quality installation for your roof.


Roof Completed

Roofs are an essential part of keeping your house looking its best for years to come. We empower our team with the right tools and guidance to up level our craft.