Blown Away by Damage? Weather the Storm with Our Light-hearted Guide to Residential Damage Assessment! 

Storm Damage
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Bracing for the Aftermath: Breaking Down Residential Storm Damage Assessment

Residential storm damage assessment can often be a whirlwind of confusion and uncertainty. As confirmed by the National Weather Service, such tumultuous conditions resulted in residential losses surpassing $14 billion across the United States in 2019. Talk about a costly gust! Now, we at Peralta Renovations don’t expect you to control the weather. That’s Mother Nature’s terrain. However, we can help you regain control after the storm has passed, offering a light-hearted, informative guide to weather-related property damage assessment.

The Eye of the Storm: Recognizing the Impact of Storm Damage on Homes

Before you dive headfirst into the chaos, you need to understand the potential scale of damage. Just like how one too many snowflakes tip the scale into a snowstorm, details matter when assessing storm damage. Even what may seem like minor details can add up; the Insurance Information Institute reports that in 2018, around 2% of insured homes filed a property damage claim arising from wind or hail.

Weathering the Storm: A Step-by-Step Homeowner’s Guide to Damage Assessment

Navigating post-storm repercussions can be daunting but fear not, we’re here to steer! This light-hearted guide aims to lighten the burden and bring you back to fair weather.

Step1: Don’t Utter an ‘Oh Hail No!’: Safety First

Check for downed power lines, gas leaks, sharp objects, and building damage that might make entering unsafe.

Step2: The Initial Scan: Walkthrough and Document

Examine your home thoroughly and document every bit of damage using photos and videos.

Step3: Lean on the Pros

While you might be tempted to DIY, consider calling professionals for a comprehensive home damage evaluation.

Step4: Brace Yourself : Contact Your Insurance Firm

After a thorough assessment, notify your insurance provider and share your documentation for a claim process.

After the Storm: Quantifying the Impact of Water Damage

Commonly underestimated, water damage can prove to be a significant foe in post-storm situations. As stated by FEMA, a mere inch of water can wreak havoc to the tune of $25,000 in damages to a home. That’s a detail you cannot afford to overlook when dealing with storm impact on homes.

Making Light of a Heavy Situation: Infusing Humor in the Damage Assessment Process

While it’s a serious matter, implementing a light-hearted approach to home repair post-storm can soothe the process. Remember, you are not alone. Just hold onto your sense of humor, like a sturdy umbrella, and let professionals like Peralta Renovations weather the storm!


Why is Residential Damage Assessment Important?

Without it, you could be overlooking critical damage to your home, diminishing its value and endangering its structural integrity.

Can I Conduct the Assessment Myself?

While a preliminary assessment is possible, a professional assessment ensures that no damage goes unnoticed.

How Do I Know If My Home Has Water Damage?

Look out for signs such as discolorations, mold, dampness or a distinct musty smell.

Forecasting Brighter Days: Secure Your Household’s Future

With knowledge as your shield, you’re prepared to embrace the storm. Equip yourself with our comprehensive guide to residential storm damage assessment and secure your household’s future, rain or shine. As Peralta Renovations, we understand the trials and tribulations storms bring, but just like rainbow after the downpour, you can find a silver lining in the storm-cloud with the right approach to damage assessment. After all, they say, “without rain, there would be no rainbows”.

Now isn’t that a refreshing breeze of optimism to blow away any lurking clouds of despair?

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